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To offer a safe and nurturing environment that supports social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. We recognize every child's unique ways of learning and adapt our activities to meet each child's specific needs. Most importantly we provide your child with a fun and encouraging setting to build self confidence and a positive self esteem.

Inclusive Child Care...
We work closely with the Langley Child Development Centre and The Ministry of Education to provide an inclusive setting. With Kids in the Grove having so many international students and also having Korean speaking staff; we are able to communicate with our new students! They learn our language as well as; we learn theirs and their culture. It is our pleasure to work with families and help them to reach their goals for a promising future for their child. Special Needs Care

Health & Safety Plans
All staff is required by Fraser Health and our Facilities to sign all our Policies. Each policy represents and encourages our centers to be safer, secure, comfortable, aware of our students and surroundings. By implementing and signing our policies, we are upholding and carrying out healthier and safer centers!

Our Policies are:
Playground, Washroom Use, Transfer with Care, Forest Play, Screen Time, Active Play, Release of a Child...
Each signifying the importance of health, safety, commitment, and follow thru!

Health Policy
Students who become too ill to participate in activities should not be in attendance. If your child becomes ill at the center, we will call you! If you are not available then we call your emergency contact. If the situation becomes urgent, then staff will follow the emergency procedures. *If your child becomes sick during attendance at school, we can not for the health of the other students have your child attend. Please phone us and keep your child at home if they:

  • Have a contagious infection, including pink eye.
  • Have a communicable disease.
  • Have a fever over 38 degrees Celsius.
  • Are vomiting or have diarrhea.
  • Have a skin infection or undiagnosed rash.

Any communicable diseases, contagious infection, pink eye; will be reported to Licensing & Public Health.

Our staff can only administer medication (prescription or non-prescription) when a Permission Administer Form has been filled out and signed by the parent. All medications must be in their original containers showing dosages and information. The forms can be picked up at our center. The medications will be kept in a locked up location.

Emergency Procedures
When children are in our care, their health and safety is our main focus. So, to promote health and safety we ensure a clean, safe and well-maintained environment. All First Aid Kits, Emergency Contact Information, Allergy and Medical Alerts are kept in the classroom, and taken with us on all field trips. Please keep us informed and update of any and all changes in your information, including your current phone numbers. All our staff members are familiar with the Emergency Procedures Manual. Fire and earthquake drills will scheduled and practiced on a regular basis. All drills are kept dated and documented in a binder filed in the classroom.

Sign In/Sign Out
"Licensing requires all parents to sign their child in & out!"
In order to ensure your child's safe arrival & departure the child must be signed in & out. We will not accept any child; that has been dropped off to sign themselves in. If your child is dropped off without their parent signing in; you, the parent will be contacted to come back for your child.

Sign in sheets are provided on a daily basis by the entrance and exit of the classroom.

Custody Orders & Arrangements
If a family has specific custody agreements or court orders, a copy must be provided to our staff and will be kept in that child/s files. If the parents or guardians live separately, staff expects the information given by the enrolling parent/ guardian to be accurate. For without custody agreements or court orders on file, we cannot deny access to the non-enrolling parent or guardian. A copy of pick up and access schedules should be authorized and signed by both parents and kept in the child's file.

Please notify us if your child will not be attending our program for the day.We expect the children's arrival both in the morning & afterschool. If a child is absent, delayed we will do the following:

  • Check with the office and have child paged (if possible).
  • Complete a thorough search of the school building and grounds.
  • Phone the parent or guardian and other emergency contacts.
  • If no information has been received, then we contact the police and report the child missing.

Release of a Child
Please inform us if you have made special arrangements for someone to pick up your child, even if that person is on the registration form. All staff sign a "Release of a Child" policy form so as children are released into that persons care safely! Staff will only release a child to an "authorized person", who is adequately able to care for the child. Staff will not release a child under 12 years of age to anyone without picture ID.

Withdrawal/Change of Registration
Parents are to notify the Head Office providing one month's notice of withdrawal or decrease of attendance. If the required notice is not given then one month's fee will be charged to you in lieu of notice. Should any problems or concerns arise during your child's attendance at our Facility; we reserve the right to have your child withdrawn from our program without retribution and with a

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